Rising Edge is a Risk & Safety Engineering consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia, providing services locally, nationally and to the wider Asia-Pacific region.


We aim to offer a cutting edge by taking a dynamic approach, and where necessary, applying abstract and innovative methods. This allows us to provide effective and robust solutions to complex engineering challenges.

Our foundation is based on an identified need for streamlined, integrated and direct solutions to engineering challenges.  We use our experience of multiple engineering disciplines to our advantage and pair maximum efficiency with cost optimisation.

Risk & Safety Engineering - Perth, Western Australia



Our specialism is technical Risk & Safety Engineering, combining a wealth of diverse experience from a range of safety-critical industries and applications, including the Civil Nuclear, Defence Nuclear, Air Traffic Management, Rail, Mining and Oil & Gas industries. 

Risk and Safety Engineering - Mining
Risk and Safety Engineering - Air Traffic Management
Risk and Safety Engineering - Oil & Gas
Risk and Safety Engineering - Rail